hello internet!

(Or on a more realistic note: Hi mom.)

Thank you for taking the time out of your probably busy schedule to read this. You could be using this valuable time to make a real life human connection with the cashier checking you out at the grocery store right now. You could actually pay attention to the road you’re probably speeding down. You could even return one of your mom’s phone calls which you’ve probably been screening, because she’s probably noticed.

But instead you are using these precious coveted seconds of free time to stare at your phone screen, not to watch porn or look up kitten videos on YouTube, but to read my blog!

(Which I realize you probably stumbled upon by accident while trying to look up “probably lost” kitten videos or some weirdly specific porn, but that’s none of my business.)

Since you’re here now I guess I should probably tell you the purpose for this blog.

My name is Rachel and in exactly 50 days I am going to travel the world.

(I may have used the term “the world” a little loosely just now.. but I will be traveling part of the world..)

(..albeit a specific part.)

(Okay a very specific part.)

My name is Rachel and in just fifty days I am going to backpack across Europe.

(and one day the world.)

this is my travel blog.

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  1. Ha – like your way of describing yourself.. Quite funny and unique. Where abouts are you heading in Europe? Its a very safe, and very inspiring continent full of history and priceless experiences.. It looks forward to your visit (especially London where we are based and love it).

    A Wandering Memory

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