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Iceland : Day 2

And oh what a difference a day makes.

Woke up early today and hitchhiked (for the first time ever) to Reykjavik. It was SO EASY.

And the highlight of the day to be honest. Because just the concept of hitchhiking is very dangerous and romantic to me.

The people who picked us up were a young Icelandic couple on the way to see one of their parents. They graciously took the scenic route, gave us a lot of info about the country, and didn’t even accept the gas money we offered them in the end.


Reykjavik is a  b e a u t i f u l  city surrounded by flat lava-land and scenic mountains. Love it. The people were friendly. The food was good. And Icelandic architecture is just generally  beautiful.


Tried to hitchhike back.

Not at all as easy as hitchhiking there. What once (just a few hours earlier) was glamorous is now embarrassing.


Walk to a bus station. Spend lots of time trying to read bus schedule. Give up. Ask for help. Miss our bus once. Question whether we are on the right side of the street. Almost miss our bus again BUT thanks to Ms. Professionally-Trained-Dancer-Legs (Caroline), manage to cause enough of a scene to get on the bus. There were actually a lot of transport related mishaps that are pretty hilarious, but maybe only in a “you had to be there” kind of way… I can’t be sure.


Blue Lagoon. Oh my actual god. So unbelievably relaxing. And so very bourgeois in comparison to the kind of water adventure of which I am accustomed. We drank  just enough wine, and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful scenery..


We made friends with our Japanese bus driver on the way back to our hostel which we had been unceremoniously evicted from in our absence due to reservation mix-ups and language barriers. Now, the previously vacant hostel was full to capacity.

It is almost midnight and it is not as though there is a motel 6, or something comparable, nearby for us to check into.

Luckily, (depending on your interpretation of the word lucky, of course) they found a sort of makeshift accommodation for us in what I assume to be a storage shed behind the hostel. Which housed two beds and a broken tanning bed covered in a dusty what-was-once-white-sheet.

The truth is, it has only been a day, and it feels like it has been four. I can honestly say I’ve experienced enough ups, downs, and firsts to last me a month in my usual life…

And that’s a weird feeling to have.

I’ve already learned so many “Do’s” and mostly “Dont’s” about traveling and it’s literally just the beginning. Like.. the VERY beginning. It may be the adrenaline speaking but I feel so free and capable already. In my home life, minor set backs like this would crush me. I would consider the trip ruined. I would tuck my tail between my legs and look for a cave to hibernate in so that I may have the appropriate amount of space required in order for me to dive into the deep sorrow that I felt for myself at such a catastrophe. At home, I would be unable to recover. In Iceland, set backs aren’t bad or debilitating. They are a necessary part of my adventure. They are minor obstacles to overcome. They are character development. I love them. I love Iceland. I love me in Iceland.

In other news,

I have a mere three and a half hours to sleep before our next flight so I’m going to have to go do that now.

Until next time, I guess.

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