A Lil’ History and A Whole Lot Of Magic

September 29th

Wake up. Make some banana peanut butter toast. Be nice to Hungarian flat mate. Who ends up being super friendly and offers you “traditional Hungarian breakfast” ..Okay. He warns you that it is very strong…Umm Okay(?).. He pulls out tiny silver bottle and pours you small glass of clear liquid. Is it some form of clear wheatgrass-juice-vitamin-water?

Probably not.



I’m not one to argue with starting the day off with a large shot of vodka, but if Bence spoke better English I would like some stats to back up how many Hungarians honestly have that for breakfast.

“Only resist if have to work,” he insists, “Then just have after.” Guess Bence doesn’t have to work today.

(also my phone keeps trying to autocorrect Bence to Beyoncé. Lol)

We decide to save the super touristy stuff for later and go to the Museum of Natural History. So cool! Except for the part with the life size blue whale model. Especially when your number one fear (aside from being buried alive or being lost alone in space) is whales. (Which is a rational and common fear that many people have.)


So after a couple good hours roaming through dinosaur bones, crystals, and a whole lot of Charles Darwin related s c i e n c e. We sit on a bench outside the museum and eat our packed lunches of smelly salami and cheese sandwhiches (gross) and Caroline heads back to the airBNB to rest (because she’s still sick).

I continue to walk around the area alone and decide to enter the Victoria and Albert museum which is really big and packed with a whole lot of history and art and historical art. It was really neat seeing some art that I actually recognized and a lot of art I didn’t recognize at all.. But honestly I can only take so much Catholic bloody crusifiction, British monarchy related beheadings before my mind starts to wander. I understand its significance but its just not my cup of tea. Luckily the museum was having an exhibit called Shoes: Pain and Pleasure which is definitely my cup of tea, so fourteen pounds later yours truly got to witness some true shoe-related magic. From the Swarovski crystal Cinderella glass pumps to the mesh-bottomed-red-backed-fetish-inspired Louis Vuittons to antique Chinese royal stilts and quite literally everything in between. Unfortunately no photography allowed, but that’s okay it’s the memories that matter.

After leaving the museum I take the tube back to our very humble abode in zone four and check on Caroline. She still doesn’t feel a hundred percent and I do not want to get sick, so we go to a nearby health food store and buy some natural-ish cold medicine. And I buy a bottle of wine. (Because I don’t want to dry swallow the medicine. Obviously.)

We cook up some pesto pasta and Caroline declines on the wine for immune system building reasons. So I’m forced to drink the whole bottle by myself, but never really get drunk (which is a good thing but I wonder exactly how fermented those grapes were). Watch our favorite Aussie soap on the kindle and end our days as we all do: with sleep. Duh.


September 30

For those of you who don’t care about or don’t like Harry Potter (you dark, cold, heartless monsters), I’ll give you a very basic run down of the plot. Orphaned boy lives with abusive relatives in England until his eleventh birthday when he finds out he is a wizard and gets to attend the magical wizarding school where he makesalotofclosefriendsthatbecomefamily..and…discoversthetruthabouthisparentsdeathandthathesfamousforbeingtheboywholivedbecausethetotallyevil(andugly)VOLDEMORTkilledhisparentsbutcouldntkillhimbecauselovealwayswinsobviouslyandthenalotofpeopleyoulikedieandeveryonegrowsupandthereslaughterandtearsandwarandvictoryandthenextthingyouknowhesallgrownupandthestoryisoverbutItwillliveinyourheartforeverandalways. 

Point is a lot of the story takes place in London and the studio where the magic was filmed is also in London. And you CAN TOUR THIS STUDIO.

Guess what I did today?

Not only did I get to see the actual cupboard under the stairs and learn a lot of seemingly unnecessary facts about film production, but I also got to drink Butterbeer and see the life size model of Hogwarts! I will try to express the excitement and emotion attached to this five hour tour in as few words as possible… But I’m not going to deny that when I set foot onto the Hogwarts Express and saw each train car that my three favorite fictional people rode in to the most magical place on earth, I teared up..and when I stood on Platform 9 3/4 where the first and last scene of the movies were filmed I cried a little.  Because I was there with them. When I picked up my first Harry Potter book it was two weeks before my eleventh birthday. Every year from that point on the books were released and Harry and I remained about the same age. We literally grew up together. And it was real for me. Actually it was better than real because it let me leave my mediocre pre-teen life and go somewhere magical.

Enough of the mushy stuff. My phone was dead so Caroline was in charge of all the pics via her kindle so I’ll  post them here tomorrow.


After the tour we decided to stroll down the Strand which Caroline had heard of but neither of us really knew what it was. A few subway mixups later we walk up to a super busy square with a huge water fountain and large black lion sculptures. We walk around and suddenly we see a large clock. Wait what? Oops we planned to save tourist day for tomorrow


but that is definitely Big Ben. So we walk around the outside of Parliment (which is so much larger and more ornate than I imagined) and Westminster Abbey. It was too late to tour inside but it was still really surreal. At this point we need fuel and it’s starting to get cold so we grab a quick bite of fish and chips (because London) and one more bottle of wine. Then we head “home”. Where I am now. And where I must bid you farewell..

till next time that is

(which should be tomorrow because I bought a new phone charger today and am now officially back in business)

Sleep tight Internet.

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