10 Simple Staycation Ideas for a Fun But Socially Distant Summer

Backyard Camping

If you have a backyard, then you have the perfect campsite. Grab some supplies, pitch a tent, and fire up the grill for some s’mores. You can even take a hike around the neighborhood to get the full experience.

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Photo by Sarah Youthed on Unsplash

Indoor Glamping

If leaving the house is not an option, how about a little indoor glamping? Make a giant fort and tell your favorite ghost stories into a flashlight. You can even cook up some indoor s’mores by setting your oven to broil and putting your graham crackers and marshmallows on a sheet pan inside.

Spa Day

Slice the cucumbers and silence your phone, because you are going to turn your living room into a luxurious spa. Think manicures, pedicures, and face masks. If you have a partner or a roommate you may even be able to swing a deep tissue massage. If you don’t have a face mask handy, fear not! You can make one using common items from your kitchen like avocado, honey, and oats.

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Movie Festival

Forget Cannes, you can host your own movie festival in the comfort of your own home. Pick a theme like Wes Anderson films, or a decade like the 1930s. Better yet, what could be more indie than screening your own home videos? You can even imitate a real movie festival by having everyone dress up and be the judges. Each person can select their favorite movie within the theme and after all of the movies have been played, the “judges” can vote. Whatever you do, don’t forget the popcorn.

Game Night

Dust off a beloved board game, grab a deck of cards, or set-up your favorite video game and indulge in a little friendly competition. Make it exciting by coming up with creative prizes for the tournament winners, like no dish duty for a week. If you are stuck at home alone, host a virtual game night using Jackbox or the Houseparty app.

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Virtual Tourism

Have you ever been to the MoMA, Versailles, the Great Barrier Reef, or The Sydney Opera House? Now you can! All of these places (and countless others) have uploaded virtual tours to their websites. Some of these tours will only be available for a limited time, so check them out before they’re gone!

Take a Class

Everyone on social media is baking sourdough these days. You can too! Or you can cook something else that you have never attempted before. There are an overwhelming amount of celebrity chefs offering online cooking tutorials. If cooking isn’t your thing, the MoMA is offering free art classes. A number of famous children’s book illustrators are also offering online art classes geared towards kids. Whatever your niche, there is a probably a quarantine friendly online class for it. Try your hand at gardening, sewing, or even learning a new instrument.

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Boot Camp

There is no better time than the present to start making your health a priority. Host your own yoga retreat using online sessions like these. You can start with short beginner videos and work your way up to the headstand stuff. If yoga isn’t what your looking for, there are also plenty of HIIT workout videos online as well. Some gyms, including the coveted Orangetheory, are offering online classes that are (temporarily) free or at least they have free trials so that you can see what all the hype is about.


It is hard not to feel helpless during times like these, but there are unmet needs in almost every community and plenty of opportunities for you to make a difference. If you can sew, you can make masks that many organizations desperately need. You can sign-up to participate in a meal delivery program for local seniors. There are also plenty of virtual volunteer opportunities for those in quarantine. You can become an online tutor. If you are bilingual, you can become a translator. You can even be trained to become a crisis counselor. Consider your skill-set, do your research, and make a difference.

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Start a Club

Running out of things to talk about during your Zoom happy hours? Start a book club! It will give you plenty to talk about and can inspire deeper conversations with your physically distant friends. If a book club won’t work, choose an activity that you all enjoy. Have everyone play the same painting tutorial on Youtube, pour a glass of wine, and host a virtual Sips n’ Strokes. The possibilities are endless, and everyone will appreciate the activity as an excuse to “hang out”.

Stay safe, stay strong, & stay connected. xo

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